Activities Template

Activities Template

Italy 2019

Glenmont - Flipper

M&A For the acquisition of a 4 MW wind farm

Glennmont Partners, one of the leading European investors in renewable energy, has completed the acquisition of a wind farm consisting of 21 wind turbines with a power of 2 MW each, and located in Sicily.

#Technical Advisory _ EOS Consulting supported Glennmont by developing the activity of Technical Due Diligence aimed at verifying the state of the art of the Project both from a technical point of view and in relation to the authorization, administrative and contractual aspects. The services conducted by EOS have, in fact, included both the revision of the technical project, the O&M Operator Maintenance Reports and the estimation of the energy produced by the plant, and the compliance of the works in relation to the titles authorizations, to the land availability contracts and to the sector regulations, verifying the absence of residual criticality, for the Customer, at the end of the M&A process.