EOS Consulting is a Hub with high-level skills and professionalism, developer in over 20 years of business and experience, and constantly implemented thanks to the daily multidisciplinary growth research and to the specialized expertise currently involved. EOS is Technical Partner in the largest projects in the Renewable Energy sector in Italy.

EOS Consulting is Technical Partner in the largest projects in the Renewable Energy sector in Italy. Through its profound knowledge of the entire chain of technical processes of financial management and financial enhancement of complex operations, EOS is able to offer a full and integrated service of assistance at all stages of project development. From the preliminary analysis of technical, administrative and economic feasibility, to the direct management of all the issues of the implementation and delivery phases of the Project, EOS ensures compliance with the expected time and cost and performance expectations.

EOS Consulting has been operating for almost fifteen years in the Renewable Energy and traditional industry. The Energy activities are aimed at testing the projects bankability and sustainability, both in favor of a Bank (under the funding processes), both in operation M&A, in relation to plants of medium and large size energy production, with particular reference to the plants of renewable sources such as wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biomass.

Financial Services

EOS assists its customers by supporting them in the launch of new entrepreneurial initiatives in diversified market segments, including through the allocation of national and European incentives.

  • Business planning and trading of the operation financial structure with the Banks involved in the initiative.
  • Preliminary analysis and optimization of performance, independent evaluations of plant productivity, of technology used in the technical design, of system planning and of site location.
  • Technical-economic feasibility studies, market analysis of the reference country and its development.
  • Coordination and Management of all actors involved in various ways.
  • Productions of productivity estimates and profitability through dedicated software and dedicated templates

Project & Construction Management

EOS provides Project and Asset Management services by recommending the Customer, performing Project Management services, from the development and under construction pahases, as well as offering the Asset Management package for the project in operation.

  • Design and Design Review. Complete design services, in line with the major European design standards, with particular attention to technological upgrading of systems and processes.
  • Verification of the adequacy of the proposed project in relation to the construction and maintenance phases.
  • Project management, from planning and management to the management and coordination of professionals and subjects involved in administrative and construction activities up to the delivery of finished work.
  • Construction phase Gantt, material delivery plans, protocols of technical delivery procedures.
  • Construction Management of the construction site phases, both through the Management of General Contractor and with the management and coordination of individual suppliers in fractional procurement cases.
  • Functional and Performance Tests, plants testing procedures, proposing its own protocol (EOS Testing Protocol) to verify the functional aspects and the safety and performance evaluation of the plants.
  • Handling Customer Requests

Project Controller/Monitoring

Validation, Monitoring and Technical Control for projects under construction. EOS offers Validation and Technical Monitoring and Monitoring Services, which also covers Health and Safety (EHS), regulatory monitoring and control. Services are also offered to insurance companies, providing a dedicated audit audit.

  • Monitoring of the realization phase and the execution of the installations testing (through field tests with their own instrumentation), in order to find the observance of the technical specifications and consistency with the contractual and design directions.
  • Monitoring of the management phase, aimed at monitoring the actual performance of the plants and their consistency with the forecasts.

Technical Advisory

As Technical Advisor, EOS can leverage on previous professional experience gained since the first projects in Project Finance in Italy. Today EOS operates in the field by providing technical consulting services for wind financing operations and M&A of wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, biomass and waste disposal/treatment plants. In all cases, the Technical Due Diligence activity aims to verify reliability and feasibility of the initiative technical profiles. In particular, EOS develops the state of the art of the project – whether it is under construction or already completed and in operation – in order to identify any possible criticalities that may have an impact on investment time and cost, supporting the customer in the overall assessment of the initiative. The Technical Due Diligence Report is developed by desk analysis as well as through onsite surveys and includes, among the principal services:

  • Urban and environmental compliance of works as well as verification of technical and administrative procedures, such as access to incentives provided by national legislation.
  • The Technical Project correct setting and its processes compliance that are not approved by the bodies involved in the authorization procedures.
  • Independent estimation – through dedicated software – of the productability achieved by the plant in the long run.
  • The main project revision referred to both the construction phase and the maintenance phase, with particular attention to the completeness of the Services offered by the Contractor and to its performance assurance.
  • The analysis of technical and economic elements of initiative, aimed at revising inputs in terms of costs and revenues of the financial model.

In addition to these basic services, EOS is able to develop feasibility studies, appraisals and valuations services, experts advice specializing in litigation and disputes, in case of specific customer needs. Following Technical Due Diligence, EOS offers Banks and Investors the Technical Control Services related to the construction and operation phases of the project.

  • The realization phase monitoring is designed to verify the quality of works, correspondence to the analyzed project within TDD and compliance with the schedule agreed with the Contractor. EOS also provides for the State of Work Progress with the aim of confirming the eligibility of the grant applications under the Financing Agreement.
  • The monitoring of operating phase is intended to check that performance, revenues and expenses accruing to the project are in line with the Business Plan forecasts and that any sudden technical criticality have been appropriately handled by the O&M Operator.

Owner’s Engineer


EOS provides Owner’s Engineering services to the Client, carrying out Project Management activities for projects to be built, from the development phase to the testing for commissioning, and by offering the asset management package for operating systems.
In detail, Project Management’s services aim to assist Customer in managing the technical issues and the typical fulfillment of pre-construction phase, in contracts structuring with the selected Contractors, in modeling the initiatives’ business plan, in the executive designs’ verification, in coordinating the construction site up to the tests for the provisional and definitive acceptance of the works.

  • Business Plan simulation and financial structure assessment of the operation with banks involved in the initiative.
  • Executive design review developed by the Contractor in order to verify its compliance with the technical standards of reference, industry best practice norms, effective plant performance optimization and compliance with the approved design and normative requirements throughout the Authorization procedures.
  • Supporting the negotiation phase of construction and maintenance contracts with the aim of checking that they are adequately structured in relation to the project needs.
  • Gantt’s revision of the construction phase, including the production plans and on-site delivery of the main plant components, and verification of correspondence between chronoprogram and project deadlines.
  • Construction Management of the construction site, aimed at monitoring the progress flow, verifying the quality of carried out works and its compliance with the executive project. Drafting and management of recovery plans, in case of delays with respect to the chronoprogram of activities.
  • Coordination and management of actors involved in the works flow, from the suppliers to the contractors, to professionals responsible for carrying out specific activities.
  • Monitoring of construction costs recorded in the final balance, verification and approval of any expenses over budget
  • Coordination and / or execution of functional and performance tests required for provisional acceptance and final phase of the works.

Asset Management Services support the Customer in operating facilities management, monitoring project performance, and verifying the proper management of compliance with sectoral regulations.

  • Monitoring the projects’ performance and efficiency.
  • Monitoring maintenance, management costs and verifying compliance with the budget foreseen by the Business Plan.
  • Analyzing the O&M Operator’s activities and verifying the proposed solutions for any extraordinary work.
  • Coordination of management of periodic compliance required by national technical regulations.

Plant Verifications

EOS, with its team of specialized technicians, is able to offer those who want to invest in the photovoltaic sector, plant audit campaigns designed to identify any malfunctioning that will undermine the full operation of the plant. The tests carried out by EOS, both on the generator as on the conversion groups, allow to narrow the gap and to outline an intervention plan to restore the optimal plant functionality.

  • I-V curves on photovoltaic modules.
  • Thermographic inspection of generator and main electrical components.
  • Measurements of insulation resistance of wiring and modules.
  • Current and voltage checks.
  • Earth measurements.
  • Inverter efficiency test.
  • Verification of overall plant efficiency.