EOS Consulting has been operating for almost fifteen years in the Renewable Energy and traditional industry.

EOS Consulting has been operating for almost fifteen years in the Renewable Energy and traditional industry. The Energy activities are aimed at testing the projects bankability and sustainability, both in favor of a Bank (under the funding processes), both in operation M&A, in relation to plants of medium and large size energy production, with particular reference to the plants of renewable sources such as wind, photovoltaic, hydroelectric and biomass and also tri-generating and co-generating power plants from conventional fuels, such as natural gas.

Wind Power

The wind power sector in Italy is a structured reality that counts active plants for about a decade, encouraged by green certificates and new projects under construction, made thanks to some important Ministerial Decrees for both micro-plants and large-scale power plants. In this context, EOS supports its Customers as Technical Advisor for acquisition and financing operations, both related to the secondary market and new initiatives. Last but not least, EOS operates as a Owner’s Engineer for the construction of large-sized wind farms with a dedicated Business Unit able to follow the process from feasibility check at the plant’s entry into operation.

Solar Power

Government incentives in photovoltaics favored the growth of the industry in many European countries. In particular, with the 2009-2012 boom of installations, Italy has been one of the major players in solar industry, becoming today the fifth largest world producer. Thanks to a highly specialized team, EOS added some of the key players in helping all-inclusive of the most important Italian projects. The long experience in the field allowed EOS to operate in other contexts: Spain, UK, Romania, Africa and the Middle East, providing two Diligence services, feasibility studies and project management for large power plants. We can overcome every challenge achieving successful results.

Waste & Biomass

The incentives recognized by the GSE favored, over the last years, the installation of medium size biomass power plants, mainly fueled by agricultural biogas and wood biomass. In this context, EOS joined Leading Banks in financing transactions in leasing of initiatives for the new plants construction.
Regarding the waste sector, EOS has specialized experts in its field that enable us to provide Technical Consulting services for the construction and financing of treatment and disposal facilities, of which the Italian system is growing.

Hydroelectric Energy


Italy has a long tradition in the hydroelectric sector, a condition which, on the one hand, favored the presence of a specialized industrial sector and, on the other one, has led to the almost complete exploitation of the available resources for the construction of large plants. The DM 6 July 2012 and 23 June 2016 have, however, generated a real re-launch of the medium/small size plants installations thanks to the incentives recognized by the GSE. In this context, EOS has been involved, as Technical Consultant, in numerous leasing loans and in project finance of new initiatives.