In the last few years, EOS consolidated its position by offering its services in areas that have shown signs of recovery and development.


1993 – 1999
In 1993, under the name of Italiana Servizi S.r.l. (IT.S.), a group of highly-qualified and motivated professionals came together, extending the array of offers to other sectors, such as the financing and evaluation of projects, monitoring and supervision activities, including assistance to accessing instruments for obtaining funding. In 1997, IT.S. accepted the challenge to participate in the large construction project for the new “Centro Polivalente Torpignattara” in Rome. IT.S. provided support for all operations. It was one of the first examples of project financing in Italy. In 1999, IT.S. began an important collaboration with one of the most important Italian technical consultancy firms. The goal of this collaboration was to consolidate and increase its activities in the fields of monitoring and technical supervision. At the same time, the society began to provide services to banks that gave easy-term or public loans, supporting them in their evaluations through financial surveys, in terms of admissibility, eligibility and coherence.


In 2004, IT.S. decided to provide itself with a more efficient structure in order to favor the professional growth of its employees and collaborators, to fully valorize its own resources and to satisfy the requests of an evolving market. EOS Consulting Srl was born. From 2007 to 2011, EOS supported RFI in the Project Management activity of the realization of the “New Polo Tiburtina (Rome)”, which included the New High-Speed Station of Rome, the consequent renovation of the PRG rail and the relocation of a new internal bypass. During this realization were used avant-garde technologies to create underpasses for transit railways. The firm employed up to fifteen professionals, providing a daily monitoring of all activities. In 2008, EOS established the Energy business unit to provide consulting services in the construction and management of plants and renewable resources. The activity’s original objective was to test the bankability of projects. It gradually expanded, offering full gamma services, becoming a reference point in this field.


2013 – To date
In 2013, thanks to the results it obtained and the dimensions of the assigned tasks, EOS became a limited company. In the last few years, EOS consolidated its position by offering its services in areas that have shown signs of recovery and development. The Real Estate sector showed signs of growth in the environmental and infrastructural sector, as well as in the sports sector, in comparison to the residential Real Estate that characterized the first decade of the new century, while in the renewable energy sector, biomass energy showed up next to photovoltaic and wind energy. EOS also embarked on an expansion abroad, creating offices in Macedonia at Skopje to take advantage of opportunities in the Balkans, London, Dubai and in Saudi Arabia at Riyadh, where Real Estate and Energy activities are constantly evolving. Since 2016, Eos has also extended Project Management’s business to Real Estate, consolidating its experience with the Europarco Business Park project in Rome.