Our Team

Every man and woman that works at EOS represents our company spirit.

Every man and woman that works at EOS represents our company spirit: a heterogeneous team whose work brings together different personalities, skills and individual capacities, which in turn add up and multiply, producing an efficient and focused result.
Today, EOS is a highly-competent HUB, thanks to its three decades of experience. The continuous sharing and exchanging amongst the Team members creates the optimal conditions for the realization of ideas and projects.
This is also made possible due to EOS’ constant pursuit of growth. EOS implements expertise, specialization and knowhow in order to become more efficient, high-performing and professional.
In EOS, all professionals have solid track records in providing technical services. Due to their flexibility and ability to properly evaluate different project profiles, their targeted vision, and the ongoing evolution of the operating team, EOS manages to provide strong contribution to the process involved.

Liborio Riccobene
Emanuele Riccobene
Alberto Parazzi
Alessandro Chiusolo
Antonio Zampino
Benedetto De Luca
Chiara Ruggiero
Daniele De Sanctis
Giovanni Genga
Leonardo Chiocchi
Paolo Degli Innocenti