Ardian – Ariel

2018 – 2019

M&A for the acquisition of a wind farm with capacity of 98,8 Mw and No 2 solar farms having overall capacity of 18,5 MW

Ardian, one of the main funds operating within the infrastructure sector, via its subsidiary 4New Srl, has purchased the “Ariel” portfolio consisting of a windfarm located in Sardinia and two large-sized solar plants in Apulia and Latium. All projects are benefitting from GSE subsidies.

#Technical Advisory  _ EOS Consulting has carried out the Technical Due Diligence checking both technical and administrative items of the Project. EOS has also paid particular attention to the assessment of the economic assumptions to be used for the Business Plan simulation, hypothesizing different scenario regarding the optimization of the expected performances, mainly for what concerns the energy production from the solar farms. The activity had the main goal to identify and monitor the key points to be managed before the closing, so to ensure absence of outstanding risk up to the Client at the end of the M&A process.