Ardian – Tolve Windfarms

2018 – 2019

Purchase and construction of No 3 wind projects in Basilicata(Italy)

Ardian, one of the main investment funds operating within the infrastructures field, by means of its subsidiary TWH Srl, has purchased, financed and erected three onshore windfarms for an overall capacity of 37,2 MW. The plants got access to the GSE subsidies granted under the DM 23/06/2016.

#Technical Advisory e #Engineering & Technical Assessment _ EOS Consulting has supported the Client within the Project purchase process, by executing the Technical Due Diligence activities so to set out the main tasks to be managed in the next phases of commencement and implementation of the works, and of energization. Furthermore, EOS has verified and approved the executive design and has followed the worksite activities so to keep under monitoring quality of the works, relevant compliance with respect to the design and progress of the activities with regards to the contractual Gantt. Additionally, EOS has coordinated actions required for the proper management of the TDD outcomes, mainly in regard to the administrative tasks from the permitting procedure and to land contracts.
Over the construction phase EOS has also supported the Client with managing requests from the Lender’s Advisors, both in the view of the Loan Agreement signing and of the subsequent drawdown requests.
After the energization, EOS attended the commissioning and testing phases, managed definition and check of the punch list, with the goal to verify the windfarms were fully put in operation and were compliant with the approved design and technical features.