Contour Global – Sunshine


Technical Advisory for refinancing for a portfolio composed by n. 44 PV plants in operation for a total power of 77 MW

The ContourGlobal group, international leader in investments in the energy and environmental sector, has promoted, through the subsidiary ContourGlobal Mediterraneo Srl, the financial restructuring of its photovoltaic asset in Italy, consisting of 44 plants of various types (ground and integrated on roofs) ) for a total power of 77.05 MW. The plants are operated by the holding company overall Italian territory

#Technical Advisory _ The refinancing has seen the involvement of a pool of leading banks composed of Banco BPM S.p.A., Bayerische Landesbank, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, Societe Generale, and UBI Banca S.p.A. After having successfully participated in some of the original funding of the sub-portfolio comprising Sunshine, EOS Consulting has received requests to assist, as Technical Advisor, pooling in the structuring of the financing for the entire asset. In this context, EOS has performed the Due Diligence Technical analysis for the representation of the technical characteristics of the portfolio and the structuring of the economic financing model. The Due Diligence, carried out both through the verification of the project documentation, and through the on-site inspections, has allowed to ascertain the technical conformity of the plants made with respect to the authorization procedures, the applicable restrictive restrictions, the GSE requirements for the maintenance of the tariffs and provisions regarding the operation of the power plants. Through the inspections, it was also possible to analyze the state of the art of the plants and the planned improvement interventions, supporting the analysis of producibility to identify the revenues applicable over the useful life. The Due Diligence activity concluded with the identification of technical-economic assumptions for the definition of the base case, including the operating costs deriving from the operation and service strategy assumed by the group.