Daunia Monteleone


EOS oversaw the Due Diligence activities on behalf of the Bank.

The Margherita group through the vehicle company Daunia Monteleone, concluded a financing transaction with BPER related to a 22 MW wind farm located in the municipality of “Monteleone di Puglia”. The plant consists of n. 11 Vestas wind turbines of 2 MW each, and benefit from the incentives recognized by the GSE under the 2012 Electricity Renewables Decree.

Performed activity
EOS assisted the parties in the financing process by carrying out the Technical Due Diligence activities, paying particular attention to the authorization process review and the plant areas availability, as well as to the analysis of the wind farm actual status, also assessed through special inspection of wind towers and BOP works. EOS also supported the Bank in verifying the technical inputs that can be used to simulate the economic-financial model: with reference to this activity, the analyzes carried out in reference to the historical production of the plant and maintenance contracts in place between the SPV and the Operators that perform the maintenance of the plant.