EF Solare – Solangia


The EF Solare Italia Joint-venture announces the agreement for the acquisition of 10 photovoltaic plants in Italy owned by the Israeli investment fund Solangia Ltd, for a total capacity of 24 MW.


EF Solare Italia, a joint venture between Enel Green Power and the F2i infrastructure fund, set up to develop and consolidate the photovoltaic market in Italy, announced the agreement to acquire ten photovoltaic plants for 24 MW held by Solangia Ltd, Israeli investment fund. The plants are located throughout Italy, and specifically in the following regions: Piedmont, Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Abruzzo and Calabria.


Performed activity
EOS performed the activities of Technical Due Diligence in favor of EF Solar, conducted both by means of documentary checks and by means of inspections and test campaigns carried out on site. The Due Diligence objective was to investigate the technical characteristics of the asset, in order to assess the overall estimate of investment feasibility and identify any project risks. The analysis focused in particular on works compliance carried out with authorizations and with requirements for the maintenance of the incentives, also due to recent regulatory references. Furthermore, technical monitoring was carried out to determine the current status of the plants and components, identifying possible points of attention and tracing a probabilistic production scenario.