Europarco Business Park

The intervention consists in the realization of a large construction complex articulated in a commercial center, a directional and a residential one, designed in accordance with the eco-sustainability standards.

Activity Performed
Verification of the construction’s progression and completion and monitoring of payments to subcontractors for all of the buildings of the Real Estate Complex already in the process of being constructed. Comprehensive Project Monitoring of the initial Due Diligence for the construction of the new Eni and Wind buildings and the monitoring of the construction’s progression.
Il Progetto
The new Europarco Business Park is part of an important process of change for the city of Rome, becoming a sort of “integrated business center” for the capital. It is located in the southern zone of EUR in Rome. The intervention involves the construction of mixed use buildings, with a total size of nearly 780,000 cubic meters, and consists of a commercial pole, a directional pole and a residential pole. The complex includes ten buildings, of which three are already finished, two are nearly finished, two are in the construction phase and three have yet to be started. The buildings, which were planned and built respecting eco-sustainability standards, are innovative from both an architectural-design point of view and a technological point of view, easily accessible and with integrated functions. The project’s importance is highlighted by the typology of construction and size of the planned buildings, but also by the tenants, among which are the public entities of the Ministero della Salute, la Provincia di Roma and l’ATAC, and the private businesses Cofely, Procter & Gamble, ENI and Wind.