Foresight and VEI Capital



Refinancing of the photovoltaic portfolio held by the group, of a total power equal to about 68 MW.

Activity performed
EOS worked as a Technical Consultant, assisting a pool of Banks that consisted of Unicredit SpA, Banca IMI SpA, UBI Banca SpA and Mediocredito Italiano SpA in the refinancing operation of a portfolio composed of 25 photovoltaic plants, with a total power of about 68 MW. The asset is managed by the investment funds Foresight Italy Solar, ForVEI and VEI Green, which depend on the primary international investors Foresight Group and VEI Capital.
EOS activity concerning the project regarded the verification of the asset technical aspects, referring particularly to the defining of the technical-economic assumptions at the basis of the investment. EOS analyzed in-detail the historical production of plants and hypothesized the scenarios applicable to the long run. At the same time, EOS ensured the correctness of the incentivizing iter and the current technical state of the works, through on-site verifications and in respect to the authorized layout.