Fri-El – Wind


Financing for the construction of 3 large wind farms, with a total power of 102,35 MW

Fri-El Green Power, the leading operator in the market for the production of electricity from renewable sources, has promoted the construction of three onshore wind farms located in Emilia-Romagna, Campania and Sardinia. In this regard, a financing agreement for the construction of the farms was undertaken with UniCredit, Natixis and Creval banks. The systems will be completed during the first half of 2019, and will benefit from the incentives provided by the GSE pursuant to Ministerial Decree of 23/06/2016.

#Technical Advisory _EOS assisted the banks in the investment assessment process, carrying out the technical due diligence to verify the integrity of the authorisation process, access to the network infrastructures and the incentive mechanisms provided by the GSE. The contents of the project contracts were also analysed, as well as other agreements stipulated by the SPVs, including the evaluation of the most suitable set of assumptions regarding the simulation of the project’s financial model. The services carried out by EOS continue into the construction phase, evaluating – with on-site visits – the progress of construction work and its associated continuity, with a forecast of the contractual timelines, and supporting the banks in checking the requirements stipulated by the SPVs.