NextEnergy – Polaris


M&A-Buyer for acquisition process of 1 PV portfolio, composed by 15 plants in operation for a total power of about 15,9 MW

The Project
NextEnergy Capital, a leading international investor specializing in investments and asset management of photovoltaic portfolios, has completed the acquisition of fifteen photovoltaic plants, with a total capacity of around 15.90 MW, which belonged to a leading European investment fund. The plants being purchased are located in different Italian regions, and benefit from the incentive rates of the Second, Third and Fourth Conto Energia.

#Technical Advisory _ EOS has performed in favor of the NextEnergy Due Diligence Technology, conducted either by means of documentary checks, either by means of inspections and tests carried out campaigns on the sites. The objective of Due Diligence was to investigate the technical characteristics of the asset, in order to assess the overall feasibility, estimate of the investment and identify any project risks. In particular, the analysis deepened the compliance of the works carried out with the authorizations and the requisites for the maintenance of the incentives, the respect of the zone’s binding plans, the assessments on the potential situations of contiguity and the possession of the requirements for the year in parallel with the network. Furthermore, the technical monitoring was carried out in order to determine the current status of the plants and components, identifying possible points of attention and tracing a probabilistic scenario of producibility