TAN Pellet


Financing for the construction and operation of a pellet production system.

TAN Holding, with a loan approved by BPM and a subsidy by the Industrial Development Plan promoted by the Basilicata Region, has created a pellet production plant with an annual potential of 42,900 tonnes. The site is equipped with an electric 1 MW cogenerator powered by woody biomass, which produces most of the electricity and the total thermal energy required by the pelletising process.

#Technical Advisory _ EOS assisted the parties in the financing process, drafting the Technical Due Diligence of the project, and assessing the development of the sites. Following financing, EOS continued into the construction phase, monitoring and certifying on-site delivery of the main components of the pellet production line. To complete the process, a final inspection visit was carried out in order to verify the site’s commencement of production, procurement, and the commissioning of any installed machinery.