Real Estate and Infrastructure

EOS Consulting is a Hub with high-level skills and professionalism, developer in over 20 years of business and experience, and constantly implemented thanks to the daily multidisciplinary growth research and to the specialized expertise currently involved.

EOS Consulting is Technical Partner in the largest projects in the Real Estate and Infrastructure sector in Italy. Through its profound knowledge of the entire chain of technical processes of financial management and financial enhancement of complex operations, EOS is able to offer a full and integrated service of assistance at all stages of project development. From the preliminary analysis of technical, administrative and economic feasibility, to the direct management of all the issues of the implementation and delivery phases of the Project, EOS ensures compliance with the expected time and cost and performance expectations.

EOS has been working in the Real Estate and Infrastructure sector for over twenty years, and has consolidated a broad expertise based on the ability to process strategic views, reliability, professionalism and technical sensitivity, applicable to various areas of the industry. EOS Consulting is able to provide excellent, integrated and complete assistance for all phases of the process of implementing infrastructure projects, and enhancing and upgrading development projects or real estate portfolios.

Real Estate Services

EOS guarantees and carries out all the Technical Advisory activities necessary for the project at every stage of its development. Eos is able to evaluate a property/project/Real Estate area in virtue of its intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics, its conformity to city planning and the cadaster conformity, the market and the possibility of revenue.

  • Technical, documentary and administrative Due Diligence for the complete identification of real estate.
  • Auditing.
  • Property and facility management for the maintenance of property value.
  • Project Monitoring.
  • Management control.

Development Management

EOS carries out activities in the various technical consulting sectors, in addition to valorization and constant monitoring of the project, from the feasibility analysis to the beginning of the work, in order to ensure the correct execution with respect to the times and costs of expected performance. Total control and preventive knowledge of the next stages of project implementation enable EOS to offer a total, synergistic, and efficient service.

  • Assistance in identifying and defining the best strategies for Real Estate valuation, portfolio development and retraining projects.
  • Preliminary Analysis and Technical-economic Feasibility studies.
  • Design concept and Management of the Real Estate product definition phases and achievement of targets identified in the Business Plan.
  • Development management of the various stages of Development/Enhancement, Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Coordination and Management of all actors involved in various fields.

Project & Construction Management

As Project Construction Manager, EOS carries out all the planning, coordination and control activities of a project at every stage of its development, ensuring compliance with the expected time, cost and expected results. Acting in the name and on behalf of the Customer, it manages all the interfacing activities with P.A. as regards the licensing and concession aspects, the relations with the professionals responsible for the implementation of the interventions, the contractualization and the second level control of the works execution, to the testing and the accessibility of the works and their entry into operation.

  • Project management, from the planning and management of the urban and administrative phases, to the management and co-ordination of professionals and subjects involved in administrative and construction activities until the finished work.
  • Purchasing and Procurement Services, carried out directly or in the name and on behalf of the property, through transparent and structured processes.
  • Construction Management of the construction site phases, both through the Management of General Contractor and with the management and coordination of individual suppliers in fractional procurement cases.
  • Handling Customer Requests.

Design Services and Works Direction

EOS performs 360 degree all project tracking and monitoring activities at every stage of its development. There is also throughout the whole phase management and coordination of work, from design to testing and delivery.

  • Urban Planning, Management of Authorization and Administrative Activities.
  • Parametric estimation and analytical estimation of works.
  • Design aimed at certification of energy quality and sustainability.
  • Preliminary, definitive and constructive design, architectural, plant and structural design.
  • Directorate of Works and Direction of Shipyard.
  • Security coordination during design and execution.
  • Space planning.
  • Testing and management of the activities and administrative practices aimed at the delivery of the buildings.