Real Estate & Infrastructure

Deep knowledge of design, construction and management processes acquired in over 25 years of experience.

The Real Estate & Infrastructure sector is going through a period of great transformation and evolutionary development of the guiding criteria: in a territory strongly anthropized like the Italian one, characterized by a diversified real estate and infrastructural patrimony, of historical value as well as inspiration and modern matrix, the multiple dynamics and complex competitive challenges that are occurring, which can represent new investment opportunities, increasingly require punctual and professionally qualified analytical approaches to obtain adequate, complete and reliable responses, and to make new business models sustainable.

National and international investors show a great interest in the Italian real estate sector, also for the availability of numerous Non Performing Loans, which can only be resolved to the point of reappraising them by promoting new models of building development geared to meeting new and more challenging housing and professional needs, producing a real renewal of the Italian real estate area.

The availability of adequate and safe infrastructures has always been – and today it is even more – one of the most challenging objectives to face on the national and international territory. Globalisation has, in fact, highlighted the need to implement carefully planned strategies to improve the operational efficiency of existing infrastructure works, to be adapted to the needs imposed by global economic growth in compliance with the protocols for efficient management, analysis and monitoring of existing assets.

The strategy of intervention in the industry therefore requires a wide and in-depth knowledge of technical, regulatory, financial, management and operational requirements not only within the specific structures, but especially in relation to their coordinated contribution within the contexts in which the assets are in use.

EOS, driven by a passion for the sector and by the stimulating technical and cultural opportunity to contribute, on the front line, to the processes of maintenance, development, improvement and innovation of the precious national real estate and infrastructure heritage, has worked since its foundation in the Real Estate industry where it has gained and consolidated a deep and solid knowledge of the technical processes in the various Asset Classes, as well as the technical regulations for the different typologies of intervention.

More in detail, EOS has to its credit a twenty-five-year experience in the construction and monitoring of real estate and infrastructure interventions on a large scale, operating with enthusiasm, dynamism, professionalism, innovation and rigour also in the various sectors of infrastructure such as hospital and health, rubber and iron transport, maritime and port, recreational, sports and recreational, residential, logistics, retail and offices.