Real Estate

EOS Consulting has in its DNA the right sensibility and strategic vision to work with reliability and professionalism.

Thanks to the twenty-year experience of its founders in construction, EOS Consulting has in its DNA the right sensibility and strategic vision to work with reliability and professionalism throughout the chain of real estate-related processes with its diverse facets, whether they are offices, homes, hospitals, museums or sports centers. Thanks to the great specialization of skills within the EOS team, when the project requires it, the Real Estate sector meets the Infrastructure one to complete works that also require interventions or consultations on networks, nodes and other links, as in the case of major works concerning the J Village or the Europarco Business Park.

Arts and Culture

EOS’s own ethics and sensibility leads us to engage in projects of various nature and complexity to keep alive the culture, art, and heritage that belongs to each of us. Whether it is a museum, an auditorium, or a theater, EOS provides its expertise in Real Estate Technical Consulting by attending professionally in all the activities of the process.


Our many years of experience in Real Estate and delivery of large and technically complex projects, let us to bring proven and pratical know-how to provide specialized Technical Consulting services in education over a wide variety of contexts, such as schools, libraries, campuses, and space dedicated to education.

Commercial and offices

All the projects we deliver in the field of Real Estate, meet high quality and high technology standards, always maintaining a strong sense of security and respect for the environment in accordance with current regulations. Our operations in this area are for industrial, commercial, residential and business buildings.

Sport and Events

EOS focuses on its expertise in Technical Consultancy for big works related to sports, events and entertainment. We are able to work alongside projects in sports centers of varying size and nature, stadiums and meeting places for entertainment in compliance with environmental regulations, techniques and safety, delivering highly technological spaces, ideal for enjoying any kind of event.