Business Development Advisory Service

EOS Consulting carries out all the Client’s support activities, from the first preliminary phases aimed at guaranteeing the identification and assessment of the investment opportunities and the proper development of the valuation process’ execution phases, with a constant supervision of the intervention, up to the final stages of the project’s completion.

As an Business Development Advisor in the Energy and Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors, EOS Consulting carries out all the Client’s support activities, from the first preliminary phases aimed at guaranteeing the identification and assessment of the investment opportunities and the proper development of the valuation process’ execution phases in compliance with the expected timelines, costs and financial performances. All of this is done with the constant supervision of the intervention up to the final stages of the project’s completion.

Business Development Advisory service concerning real estate and infrastructure assets and renewable energies.

The management of investments in both real estate/infrastructure assets and the renewable energy sector is the result of the combination of experience and professionalism concerning management, financial, economic and engineering practices applied to valuation processes, with the purpose of providing the highest level of service for the entire life cycle (designing, construction, implementation, functioning and management), with regard to the performance, re-qualification and adaptation targets.

The  Business Development Advisory activity in the Energy and Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors represents the sum of technical and financial skills and allows us to assist our Clients with the management of the entire valuation process which aims at synergistically and efficiently achieving the best results possible.

Business Development Advisory. Main services.

In particular, the following are the services we provide:

  • assistance in the identification and definition of the best valuation strategies for portfolios and development and investment projects;
  • preliminary analysis and technical-economical feasibility studies aimed at identifying the most adequate performance strategy to maximize results;
  • project concept and management of the product definition phases, and the achievement of the targets identified in the Business Plan;
  • management of the various development/valuation, monitoring and reporting phases;
  • coordination and management of all the different kinds of actors involved in the investment projects;
  • monitoring and control of all the phases of the valuation process, aimed at the early detection of issues and the assessment of the appropriate intervention arrangements to minimize risks.