Project & Construction Management

EOS Consulting carries out all the designing activities of the executive phases of an intervention’s coordination and audit with the purpose of monitoring the consistency of time spent and costs with the corresponding estimates.

As a Project & Construction Manager in the Energy, Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors and in the context of different multidisciplinary and complex projects, EOS Consulting carries out all the designing activities related to the executive phases of implementation, coordination and audit of an intervention, in order to monitor the consistency of time spent and costs with the corresponding estimates. A reliable and rigorous monitoring of the different processes allows our clients to constantly check on the project, to respect the Client’s needs and, during the works, to verify the quality of the construction phase in relation to the budget planned so as to avoid delays and unforeseen changes in costs.

Project & Construction Management: a specialized interface.

Acting on behalf of the Client in the context of Project & Construction Management in the Energy and Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors, EOS operates as a specialized interface which manages the relationships between the professionals responsible for the implementation of the interventions, including the contractualization and second-level audit of the work execution, up to the testing and verification of the practicability of the works and of the plants’ performance.

Project & Construction Management in the Energy and Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors. Main activities.

In particular, EOS manages:

  • the identification and analytic structuring of all the activities needed to develop the intervention;
  • the creation of a activities’ schedule, highlighting the connections between the different elements of the project and analyzing the resources needed to carry out the intervention;
  • the review of the executive design developed by the Client aimed at verifying the compliance with the reference technical standards and best practices in the sector, the actual optimization of the performance and the conformity with the approved project;
  • support in the negotiation phase of construction and maintenance contracts;
  • the coordination and management of the actors involved in the construction of the works, from suppliers to contractors and professionals in charge of specific activities, also through a constant on-site presence during the construction phase;
  • the management of the customizations required by the Client and the standardization of the processes of performance variation and verification of the related costs;
  • monitoring of the construction costs upon final balance and verifying and approving possible incidental expenses;
  • the coordination and/or application of functional and performance tests for the project acceptance phases.