Real Estate & Infrastructures

Deep knowledge of project, building and management processes acquired from our 25 years’ experience.

The Real Estate & Infrastructure sector is undergoing a period of great transformation and evolutionary development of guidelines: in a remarkably anthropized territory like Italy, which is characterized by diversified real estate and infrastructures, both of historic value and inspired by modernity, the various trends and complex competitive challenges that we are experiencing may be new investment opportunities, but they require prompt analytic approaches by qualified professionals in order to obtain adequate, complete and reliable answers to make the new business models sustainable.

National and international investors have shown great interest in the Italian real estate sector, also because there are numerous Non Performing Loans available, whose value can only be restored by promoting new building development models aiming at meeting the new living and professional needs, which are more and more challenging, and by renewing the Italian real estate fabric.

At the same time, being able to rely on a fabric of adequate and safe infrastructures has always been one of the most stimulating goals, never more so than today, on a national and international level. As a matter of fact, globalization has highlighted the need to carefully plan and carry out strategies to improve the operative efficiency of the existing infrastructures so as to adapt them to the requirements imposed by the global economic growth, in compliance with efficient management and analysis and monitoring protocols.

The intervention strategy in this field requires a wide and deep knowledge of the technical, legal, financial, managerial and operational requirements not only in the case of specific infrastructures, but mainly in relation to their coordinated contribution within those contexts where they are expected to perform their functions.

EOS is driven by its passion for this sector and by the stimulating technical and cultural opportunity to contribute, at the forefront, to the processes of maintenance, development, enhancing and innovation of Italy’s precious real estate and infrastructure assets. Since its foundation, it has worked in the Real Estate sector where it has developed and consolidated a deep and solid knowledge of the technical processes involved in the different Asset Classes and the technical reference standards for the various types of interventions.

In particular, EOS has twenty years’ experience in the implementation and monitoring of real estate and infrastructure interventions on a large scale, working with enthusiasm, dynamism, professionalism, innovation and rigor on different kinds of infrastructures like hospitals, health facilities, road and rail transport, maritime and port facilities, leisure and sport centers, residential, logistic, retailing infrastructures and offices.