Who We Are

EOS Consulting is structured on a working approach model that allows the Company to be Technical Partner alongside its Customers.

EOS Consulting is Technical Advisor alongside Banks, Investment Funds and Institutions, Real Estate, Civil and Industrial Infrastructure, and Renewable and Conventional Energy. EOS is born from the knowledge of work, the study of interventions and the attention to ensuring a concrete and tangible contribution by virtue of its involvement.

The role that EOS covers today is the result of its history and its ability to continue studying the present to anticipate change. It has been set up and is being guided today by professionals with a direct knowledge of the interventions in their articulation, able to understand the real Customer and project needs with a deep ability to study the technical object and to contribute with ad hoc solutions.
EOS’s view is based on knowledge and clear understanding of what is called to ensure: solving the problem. Our history has defined an EOS model, based on continuous study and the will to ensure that EOS – always respecting ethics and roles – contributes effectively to the goals achievement
EOS is a hub of skills and primary technical expertise, acquired over 20 years of direct experience and constantly implemented through the training and specialization of professionalism, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to work and evolving the role of Technical Advisor in Technical Partner. On this basis, EOS is able to act as the Development Manager, Owner’s Engineer, Construction Manager, Project Controller, Project Monitoring, Technical Advisor and Independent Expert.

Through this study and development course, EOS continues to increase its ability to see the future Customer needs, to innovate and trigger change mechanisms, flexibility and adaptation to new business needs. In this context, the continued evolution of the operating team allows to forecast and seize market opportunities and to consolidate more and more the EOS culture.

Taking advantage of industry developments and growth opportunities, EOS extended its business scope to international operations (mainly in the EMEA area), always respecting its own view and operating model: study, local context analysis and translation at international level of consolidated EOS experiences, create benefit even outside the national boundaries. The driver: export the EOS view.
The human value, dedication and professionalism of his team, the daily collaboration and the sharing of skills, makes EOS a promoter of innovation and change; makes it capable of creating integrated solutions that contribute to building an ever more sustainable future.