With EOS Asset Management a new life for real estate, redeveloping disused spaces

With EOS Asset Management a new life for real estate, redeveloping disused spaces

Eos Asset Management, with its own property located in Roncadelle (BS), winner of the tender announced by the Province of Brescia for the acquisition of an instrumental property intended to house its own logistics activities, has successfully completed, and on schedule, the redevelopment of the existing building and is starting work on the construction of the new body intended for Civil Defense.

Gianni Perruchon and Liborio Riccobene, president and CEO respectively, comment, “This operation has great relevance in our company’s growth strategy, as it represents a model that we intend to replicate on a large scale. Our initiative has enabled Unicredit Leasing & Asset Management, the initial owner of the property, to realize the objective of the divestment obtained through a complex and articulated activity of valorization for a new alternative vocation.”

The awarded project involves the handover of an 8,800-square-meter building subject to integral redevelopment, already used today as the Province’s archive and warehouse, and the construction of a new 1,400-square-meter building to be used for Civil Defense.

Eos Asset Management was supported in the management of the process of defining its offer and in the subsequent operational phases by its partners, Eos Consulting for all technical aspects, from design to project management and management of the implementation phases, and by Studio Legale Ludini as legal advisor.

Eos Asset Management, is constantly engaged in its activities of analysis of new enhancement and investment opportunities in both distressed assets and markets with enhancement margins, including through complex processes.

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