Valore umano, attenzione all’ambiente e alla natura, standard di lavoro che garantiscano equità e sicurezza sono le colonne portanti di EOS Consulting.

Human value, attention to the environment and nature, working standards that guarantee equity and safety are the pillars of EOS Consulting.


Constantly improving is an ambitious goal, but for EOS is a basic aspect. In order to be able to make this continuous improvement, it is essential to take a look not only at the future, but also at the present and the world around us.


The complexity of contemporary social, environmental and economic challenges requires attention and care.

EOS Consulting therefore promotes respect in all its forms: from environmental protection, to the right of every worker to operate safely and to have a fair treatment, the protection and promotion of human rights.

The transparency and rigour of EOS are the standard both in internal relations and towards customers.


Putting together a team, a united group that shares objectives and values is the key to making what seems impossible possible.